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"Joe the plumber" is clearly an operative.
I don't know if anyone else saw or noticed this, but on Katie Couric's debate analysis webcast (for the third presidential debate), they got the regular-guy plumber whom McCain mentioned repeatedly on the phone. After hemming and hawing just enough to establish himself as "undecided" he proceeded to lay into Obama, saying we still don't know where Obama stands on the issues and basically reciting a bunch of McCain's talking points. It's either a huge coincidence or very very clever of the GOP. I wonder if we've heard the last of him...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Thank you, CNN, for perfectly illustrating why and how American News sucks:

I mean, honestly, WTF.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More politics.
Sorry. My blog isn't an inherently political place, but this has been on my mind a lot recently. So there's Hillary and Barack going at it for the nomination. I like Obama and I think he can win in Novenber. But I keep hearing about how educated people vote for Obama and uneducated people vote for Clinton. And we look at this fact very objectively and carefully and him and haw and analyze. But what I find missing from the analysis is as follows: Nobody seems to be willing to say or even suggest that maybe... just maybe... educated people make better decisions than uneducated people? So if the most educated, well-informed, intelligent among us want Obama... shouldn't that be some kind of sign?? Shouldn't that be a selling point as opposed to something to mock on late night tv? And it doesn't mean a college education, it just means a decent working knowledge of the issues you're forming an opinion about.
But then it eventually comes down to this Elitist vs. Regular Guy bit. "I want the President to be a regular guy like me, that I can have a beer with." Well, we just had that. For eight years. I won't say that they were the worst eight years in American history, but they were really, really bad. And 80% of the country now seems to think so.
I don't want a president who's like me because I'm not qualified to be president. Neither is any regular guy. Jon Stewart said it best when he said "Doesn't 'elite' mean 'good'? Is that no longer something we're looking for in a President?... If you don't actually think you're better than us, then what the fuck are you doing? ... [N]ot only do I want an elite president, I want someone who is embarrassingly superior to me." Obviously, passing an IQ test or something can't be a prerequisite to vote in this country, (that truly would be elitist... and frankly Orwellien) (maybe take the citizenship test?) but self education is a responsibility that too many people aren't willing to accept.

So, am I an elitist now?
elitist |əˈlētist; āˈlētist| noun
a person who believes that a system or society should be ruled or dominated by an elite.
• a person who believes that they belong to an elite : designers are a bunch of elitists who don't live in the real world.

Well, I am a designer...
But I would actually alter that definition to "a person who believes that a system or society should [not only] be ruled or dominated by an elite [but who has no interest in, particular knowledge of, or reverence for the common man.]
The resentment we have in this country surrounding the term 'elite' is that it implies you don't give a shit about anyone below you. Sir Copperbottom III sips tea in his mansion while people starve to death outside the gates. But most of our politicians aren't really like that (fewer Democrats) even the jerks. Obama isn't like that and ultimately neither are Clinton or McCain. Actually caring about people is how Clinton, Bill got elected in the first place. Obama cares as much if not more, but they've got the name recognition and he's not as good one on one maybe?

I don't have an ending for this. Rant over.

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Obama is right.
I'm a small town Pennsylvanian and I am indeed "bitter" about my government. Because it sucks. Jan '09 can't get here fast enough.

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I am single handedly taking on all the stupidity on the entire internet.
This guy is an idiot.
A Plea to Mandi Hamlin
First read that. Now, regarding the TSA nipple piercing lady:
Are you kidding me?? She was clearly harassed. I can see stopping her, I can see making her take out her piercings. But the fact that they didn't make her take out her belly button piercing, says that this was just a disgusting joke. You need an argument that doesn't consist of "Sept 11th Sept 11th Sept 11th" If they want to keep us safe, where are the armed air marshals that are supposed to be on all the planes?

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is the new hotness. And my newest website. (In progress)

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Blast From the Past
Found Object Lamp

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Ask yourself: Do you want the world to change or do you want it to stay the same?

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When did a 'mailing list' become an 'E-mail Blast'?
Stupidest rebranding ever.

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This is everything that's wrong with our culture.
Well, maybe not everything, but a lot of it.

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So I just saw the new J.J. Abrams monster movie. Here's a scene from the film:

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Yulenog on iTunes
All three of them. Rock on.