Sunday, March 14, 2004

More News You Can't Really Use
New projects in the pipeline. Well not really new, just unpostedabout.
Working on a simple website for Moppa . It's comin' along.
Also, doing lots of work with Geof on because, like over 50% of the US population, I'm really not interested in another four years of George W. Bush. (Actually, I've been on this project since about September, but due to the possibility of alienating potential employers, I though it best to leave it off my site until now.)
I went to the DC Independent Film Fest Wednesday night w/Kate. Got to see "Going Home" on the big screen, which was nice. Didn't get to see a whole lot else though, because they were running behind schedule and I had to work the next day. :(
But still, I was happy to have gone. And I got a free t-shirt out of it.