Saturday, November 15, 2003

I was a bit bored today, so I made [this] for fun. It's just a little bit of flash set to a little bit of They Might Be Giants .

Should have posted this earlier,
but as of a couple weeks ago I'm workin' on a (small?) project for GreenWorks. They've asked me for a fun web cartoon to feature on their new site when it opens. The (excellent) example they gave me was (though they didn't really know it was called that) what with Strong Bad e-mail, etc. Basically, it needs to be mostly fun and slightly educational, something that bored people in office jobs will e-mail to each other. This is meant to ultimately drive traffic to their site, they come for the funness and maybe actually learn something. We'll see how it goes.
What I have so far is a snowman, a cockroach, and a human living in an apartment together representing the left, right, and central or undecided viewpoints respectively. They watch the news a lot and argue about the issues. Wacky hijinks ensue. The problem will be making it funny enough, i.e. not too educational. As soon as people suspect you're trying to educate them they'll tune you out.


Sunday, October 05, 2003

Working on the site/portfolio today. There's a new picture of me on the front page (no longer the 5+ years old one) and there's going to be new stuff in the graphic arts, video, comics, and misc sections. How exciting is that? Plus there's a "Feedback" message board type page and.. oh yeah! This news page! Hopefully the new stuff will be interesting and the new picture isn't too goofy looking. (But it's getting good reviews so far, so thats good.)

FYI, the hand you can just barely see on my shoulder is that of They Might Be Giants' John Flansburg. The picture was taken over the summer after a free concert in Buffalo. Fellow PGSA staffer Doug Chrissman and I headed up there from Erie for the afternoon and got a picture taken with him after the show. My thanks to the anonymous photographer behind us in line.


Friday, October 03, 2003

So, I'm still working for The Governor's School. It's going pretty well, and starting to wrap up. Everyone thinks the video is solid, which is great. Soon it will be time to figure out my post-PGSA employment situation.

For anyone who doesn't know the particulars of the PGSA project: Over the summer I once again took up residence at The Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts. My task was to create a set of media tools to better market the program in PA high schools. I shot 81 hours of footage covering nearly every aspect of the program, conducted 32 interviews of students and alumni, and am editing it all down into a 30 minute program. This video will then be distributed to all the High Schools in the state to increase awareness of PGSA and hopefully to increase the size and quality of the applicant pool. I'm also making them a new website. I'm the only person working on any of this, so it's a lot of responsibility, but the screenings I've had so far with people involved in the program have been incredibly positive. This is the biggest project I've ever tackled by myself and I seem to be doing swimingly.
First Post. Testing.