Monday, November 01, 2004

Who ya gonna call? Me.
It's been awhile, but once again I ended up going a bit nuts for Halloween. Too much time and too much money were both poured into what may rank as my most kick ass Halloween costume ever. I was a Ghostbuster. The costume was worn three times. Once for a day of school (a "casual dress" day was in effect and fortunately my kids had seen the 20 year old film), once to Al and Mary's party, and once to Kate's house. I probably got the most compliments in South Philly where I was stopped in the street about 10 times in five blocks. The highlight of the getup was obviously the homemade Proton Pack and the moment when I consciously decided to take things too far was standing in I. Goldberg buying an actual, authentic, military issue, tan flight suit.

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But the moment I knew my hard work had really paid off was getting stopped by a police cruiser walking home from school. I guess I looked like a terrorist. But who can blame them really. I was "walking around with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator strapped to [my] back."
I was a Ghostbuster back in 5th grade. It was decent, and I made the pack then too, but it wasn't nearly this cool. Man, if my 5th grade self could see this costume, I'm pretty sure he'd pee his pants. Here's to reclaiming our youth.