Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Now I'm Famous
I was interviewed for an online magazine about Graphic and Web Design. Check it out.
Here's an excerpt:
D-Web: How do you feel about what D-Web Magazine is trying to do for this industry by providing a voice to web and graphic designers around the world?
Nathan: I think it’s certainly good for everyone to have a voice that has a chance of actually being heard, and it would be great of D-Web can help provide that.
You could argue that the future for “designers” looks kind of bleak. Colleges and technical schools are churning out tens of thousands of “designers” a year. Can the demand meet the needs of the supply in a world where people think they can do it all for themselves? It’s nothing new that creative decisions are too often made by uncreative people, and I feel like “designers” are becoming more and more like marginalized, interchangeable migrant workers. We could easily become almost as underpaid and under appreciated as teachers. In 20 years, will you be able to pull up to a bunch of people standing under an overpass and yell “Ok, I need two guys that can write javascript!” If D-Web can help empower the creative community, then I’m all for it.