Sunday, May 16, 2004

Demolition Derby
Filming has begun on what I've been calling "The Car Kill Project" now with a working title of "Goodbye, Ada." Basically it's a short film about Grooters killing his car. The Plot is as follows: Ben knows that his car is old and infirm and has no chance of passing inspection. So, he decides (with some coaxing from me) that the only humane thing to do is to put it down, Old Yeller style. So he drives out to the country and starts digging a hole. But the car gets wind of what's going on and isn't having it. Ada tries to kill him and after that it's on. A battle royale to the death. We made plans on Saturday and started shooting in the city on Sunday. Then we took the car out to the farm for the country portion. Hopefully we'll resume shooting in early June. The city shoot went well. Call time 8am, he drove around, I got all our shots, and cute girls asked me what I was doing. An excellent day.
The reason for making this film is simple. Grooters' car really is old and infirm and won't pass inspection again.
Now, it'll be going to that peaceful used car lot in the sky.
Right after a prolonged, gruesome, and violent death.