Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry/Happy Christmahanaquanzikaa
So I always do a holiday mix CD to give to everyone. This year it was a little different...
Check out this year's eCard for more info.

That's right. I have a Christmas album. It's being distributed via eMail, IM, internet friends, and by handing it to people. And now via Blog. So if you haven't gotten it yet, now you did. :)
The album art is all me and the music came together all thanks to Moppa and his crew. Couldn't have done it without them.
Happy Holidays.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

That which does not kill me...
So I just went snowboarding for the first time ever. I am going to be very sore tomorrow. Pictures when I get them... (a few)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

'Tis the Season
Me (2:01:04 AM): did you guys get a package?
pseudoencephalon (2:01:12 AM): Yeah, got it today.

pseudoencephalon (2:01:32 AM): Luckly now one at the Bomb Squad was hurt.

pseudoencephalon (2:01:35 AM): Er, no one.

Me (2:01:41 AM): uhhuh

pseudoencephalon (2:01:53 AM): Your attempt at our life as failed once again.

Me (2:02:01 AM): um

Me (2:02:05 AM): you blew it up?

pseudoencephalon (2:02:11 AM): Yeah.

Me (2:02:15 AM): shit

pseudoencephalon (2:02:26 AM): Implosion is the proper term.

Me (2:02:40 AM): it wasnt a bomb, dude

pseudoencephalon (2:02:45 AM): What?

Me (2:02:52 AM): yeah

Me (2:02:57 AM): not a bomb

pseudoencephalon (2:03:00 AM): What was it?

Me (2:03:18 AM): just some christmas cookies I made you

pseudoencephalon (2:03:35 AM): Poison christmas cookies?

Me (2:03:38 AM): poison cookies...

Me (2:03:42 AM): I mean no

pseudoencephalon (2:03:48 AM):

Me (2:03:49 AM): Peppermint

Me (2:03:57 AM): Peppermint cookies

pseudoencephalon (2:04:05 AM): I do like peppermint.

Me (2:04:16 AM): yeah man, I'll have to send you some more

pseudoencephalon (2:04:22 AM): You sure will.

Me (2:05:12 AM): just be sure to open this one together

Me (2:05:28 AM): you don't necessarily have to wait

pseudoencephalon (2:05:50 AM): Okay.

Me (2:07:13 AM): just so you both stand really close to the package

Me (2:07:19 AM): and breathe deeply

pseudoencephalon (2:07:39 AM): Uh, to be closer together in Christmas cheer?

Me (2:07:55 AM): yes

pseudoencephalon (2:08:29 AM): ...okay.

Me (2:10:56 AM): cool

Me (2:11:23 AM): and don't warn-- spoil it for anyone else

Me (2:11:30 AM): they'll get theirs...

Me (2:11:40 AM): the surprise

Me (2:11:54 AM): that is

pseudoencephalon (2:11:54 AM): Yay! It's fun keeping secrets!