Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fritos® Chili Cheese Wrap & Large Tots!
No, my blog has not obtained corporate sponsorship.
I'm just extolling the virtues of the $2.99 Fritos® Chili Cheese Wrap and Tots meal at Sonic.
For some reason they have very effective advertising as well. We see the commercial. I say "Man, why aren't we eating that-- right now??"
Moments later, the car starts and we're on our way to the nearest Sonic location. We don't have Sonic where I'm from. It's this weird cross between a drive through window and a parking lot, with an order box at each station. They bring the food outside to your car. Crazy. They are also known for advertising heavily in media markets in which they have no locations. The Chili Cheese Wrap was everything it claimed to be, but just to prove I haven't sold out, if you want to stick it to the man, you can make them yourself at home!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Send in the clown...
Well, here's my Halloween costume for 2K6. Pretty pleased for having put it together in a couple hours. (Though mentally planned is for quite awhile.) It was a decent day. Made costumes, carved pumpkins and handed out candy. One mom recognized me. One more than I expected...